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I have said this before but possibly my most favorite thing about netflix is how easy it is to quit. It was like two clicks! I was honestly kind of shocked

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I signed up for netflix to watch Cowboy Bebop, I guess I can sign up again to watch Sandman


You can request a vegan version of the avo toast, they use the cashew crema instead of the cheese

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Torta Vegano- VEGAN
black beans, roasted yam, avocado, cabbage, pickled red onion, cilantro crema, salsa macha, ciabatta

Avocado Toast- VEG
herbed farmers cheese, avocado, pickled red onion, sliced radishes, everything salt mix

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I am itching to get some new boots and leather is the default, obviously. Trying not to go there

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OK I am torn between asking vegans if they ride motorcycles and asking motorcycle riders if they are vegan

I just liked [Papa Was a Rodeo] by [Hogan, Kelly & Pine Valley Cosmonauts]!

DJ: Sally Goodin


About KFJC Liker:

Between Naked City/Torture Garden and Carl Stalling, that guy is everywhere.

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I also forgot or never realized John Zorn is on their first record, I feel like he's been coming up a lot for me lately

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Any other Golden Palominos fans here? I realized I only have like two of their records and according to Wikipedia the other ones are tough to find these days

Me: Why on earth have I had this ABBA song stuck in my head for like the last week

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