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Reading about testing

# Using Sleep is not a good programming practice

Well fuck then

Looks like they're going into beta soon? I wish people didn't default to masto.soc, it would be cool to hear from

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Hey people who sew! Does anyone have any suggestions of how to learn, or resources that may help, first projects, etc? I got a seeing machine from a friend and don't really know where to start 😆 boosts appreciated!

can I just say how much I enjoy a music player thingy that takes a single AAA battery and just fucking plays things off a sd card

If I had known I was going to have an extra hour here I could have probably done more fun stuff

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I always enjoy the phrase "hogged out" and use it maybe more than I ought to


I'm just sayin, some burritos look more naked than others

I always wanted to design an amp that would fit in a milk crate, for when you have to work in a dairy cooler. Beefy battery, cold-tolerant, spill resistant. Gotta be loud as fuck to overcome the sound of the blowers

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