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It's used for a lot of things but I have mainly used then in a food safety context

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For the record this is a device that reads temperatures from a distance, and is shaped like a pistol

I feel for ukraine admins in general, and especially right now, but I do not need that attention. If you are unable to admin your instance maybe consider asking for help or at the very least closing new account creation?

do people have feelings about Gotta rando jumping in non helpfully and am thinking about suspending


I am usually good about keeping it all in my head but sometimes I completely forget about stuff

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People who eat things: how do you keep track of what you have on hand?

jokey injury, body horror 

Like, if you don't have bone sticking out through your skin somewhere good luck

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It does also make it harder to claim being sick to get out of going to school though, so I'm not sure I'd recommend it

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Growing up with an ER doc for a parent does tend to imbue a kind of gallows humor in a person, I'm just sayin

Just a reminder: I have boosts turned off, so if you want me to see something it's gotta come from you.

food, or maybe ex-food 

So this tomato paste is probably still good right? I'll just scrape off the dark parts

i just want to know what Rami Malek's workout routine is going to be like to prep playing Buster Keaton, that guy was a beast


I have been making lentils a lot and just in the last few days I have been putting them on toast, it feels a little weird

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So this whole beans on toast thing, tell me about it

maybe it's just me but I enjoy eking out what I can from bad pictures

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