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yoooo, if you think we've been using this stuff for years without thinking about and discussing all the low hanging fruit in the "what could go wrong with the fediverse" category I've gotta say, I'm kinda offended you think we're that clueless.

we get it. you're smart. maybe approach this place like it might be filled with people who are smart like you.

Put nice notes in your DMs for your admin to read, they have been working really hard

So after a little bit of digging, I discovered is the creator of the fediblock site, which, consequently, has been changed to rabidblock.

As I expressed previously, I did not trust the intention of someone that did not try to work with the creators of the tag to create a viable project.

After engaging with him, I can firmly say I do not support that project.

You cannot make a community tool by talking over the same community you allegedly want to 'protect' and then leverage your poor mental health to disparage and insult one who brings up that fact.

Be very cautious engaging with anyone from that project because they are not acting in good faith.

A hashtag to use when people spell things funny or use a nickname in their posts for something you are attempting to filter out, eg space karen for elon musk, or birdsite for twitter, or t*ump for, you, know that guy

a filterer's request 

And yeah I am as fond of space karen as anyone, but it's hard to keep up sometimes

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twitter, food 

haha honestly the only reason I have gone on to twitter at all in the last like five years is to bicker with the oatly account

@Are0h @sourcookie @CaribenxMarciaX Anyway if anyone is still reading consider that they may thank you later for being the impetus they needed to find a community

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to be sure, it was an inconvenience, but in retrospect that was kind of pivotal for me. it will probably sound corny but prior to that I really didn't feel any sense of community. I am still grateful to @Are0h and @sourcookie and @CaribenxMarciaX for all the work they did

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Full disclosure, I was kind of peeved about people defederating from masto.soc a while back, when I was on there. Turns out that was the kick in the ass I needed to find a real instance, one where I felt like I could 100% get behind the admin team's decisions and where I felt like the admins showed up for their users and each other.

And that's how I wound up on PV

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Anyone considering moving on from to an instance that is continuing to federate with masto.soc, consider the possibility that this is the beginning of a trend, and more instances might follow their lead, and that your time is better spent trying to get your friends off of huge instances

Going to name my next project UGLY, as I work on it it's not going to get, like, better, it's just going to get less ugly.

V2.0 will be called GLY, 3.0 will be GL, etc


Haha it was supposed to say "big pool" but I am leaving it

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That's actually kind of embarrassing, that I hadn't considered it before. I guarantee you there are people watching this whole twitter meltdown and feeling smug about hitching their wagon to facebook

To think that any person thinks Zuck gives a fraction of a single microfuck about connecting people aside from how to make money from them is kind of mindblowing to me

Upon reflection I guess technically champagne sabering could be considered a subcategory

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