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Maybe I have just gotten better at compartmentalizing data and config files over the years

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And all the shit that I installed and don't need, or the shit I broke somehow in some weird way gets cleansed with fire

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I'm pretty sure I am alone in this but I do actually enjoy wiping and reinstalling every so often, it kind of feels like shedding a carapace

I can’t remember who originally posted this but every day since they did I’ve been struggling with the urge to use it as a reply to every technical question at work

Thor spoilery 

Me, describing the movie to a friend: ...

Friend: wait, the god killer is the *bad* guy?

food, but jokey 

Sometimes it does pay to show up to the bagel shop with your own container right before closing time, I guess

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food, but jokey 

This showerthought brought to you by today's inexplicably free bagels

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food, but jokey 

Little known fact: Morbid Angel's "God of Emptiness" is in fact about Torus

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food, but jokey 

Torus, god of bagels and donuts

One day, Elon Musk will be seen for what he truly is-- a shitpost in the commit logs of history

re: Where I buy N95 masks in USA 

10. I needed to be in an office 8+ hours daily for several weeks. My favorite Moldex #N95 above 👆 work very well for wearing all day in general (travel, sightseeing, working around the house) but seemed to get uncomfortable around my nose bridge and glasses while sitting and staring at a screen?

So I was happy to discover that these flat-fold duck 🦆 masks by Kimberly-Clark, also sold by Grainger, also made in USA, are extremely comfortable for wearing for several hours straight: I recommend these for office work. Some notes/caveats:

- unlike the Moldex, these don’t have a Latex skintight seal, but the polypropylene material made an almost-as-good seal on my skin.
- I need to adjust the molded metal nose bridge every few hours (which isn’t a concern with the Moldex from upthread) but there was very little glasses fogging.
- I put these in the recycle bin after 2-3 days because the headband is this felt-like material that loses strength by then. (I wear the Moldex for 2-4 weeks.)

The best solution of course is to avoid working in poorly-ventilated indoor spaces but since commercial real estate will likely not be updated in our lifetimes, learning to wear a well-fitting N95 mask (and concomitant skills like learning to take breaks outdoors, breathing slowly and deeply, speaking loudly and enunciating clearly) is obviously still the best alternative.

Lots of folks around me are getting sick going into the office maskless (🤯 as coworker explaining that a team can’t answer our questions because they got hit hard by Covid, as they’re maskless in an old unventilated office with uncertain HEPA filtration systems) but hopefully the links and tips above will help keep you healthy and comfortable.

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