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If all you have is a hammertime everything eventually starts looking like a nailtime

Anyone have any good recommendations on a lap/bed desk for using a laptop in bed?

I got to use an xor in production the other day, that felt pretty awesome

@drwho Also haha the donation link

> We get by with a little kelp from our fronds!

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I wish the Steinhart Aquarium did something like this but with African Penguins and Yakety Sax on a loop

(but seriously thank you for the link @drwho )

I will never not listen to Song To The Siren when it comes on the radio

celebrity death 

Julee Cruise tribute show on right now,



Somehow I have managed to find myself back at St Francis Fountain again

I mean now that I'm reading the description it literally describes itself as a textbook, so don't listen to me I guess

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Oh and my old type teacher wrote a book with Erik Spiekermann(!), Explorations in Typography. It's less textbooky but Carolina was always a proponent of mindful practice

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For more typographic finger wagging please check out Bringhurst's Elements of Typographic Style, it's one of my favorites

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To wit:

- To differentiate a header, you can use size, or color, or typeface, or indentation. Pick one.

- Do not arbitrarily use type sizes, there should be a relationship

- Monospace type is not "more professional"

- Likewise there should be a relationship between type size and vertical spacing, do not just use whatever

- Do not mix centered, rag right, and justified type.

- Do not arbitrarily mix typefaces, there should be some relationship. Similar sensibilities? Same Designer?

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It's funny though, a lot of the examples/tutorials I have seen produce typographic horrors on a scale I haven't seen since my first semester in art school. For a language that was ostensibly invented to make typesetting look good, it certainly doesn't seem to encourage good type hygiene

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