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Shoulda taken those caps and o-rings, those are always in short supply

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LB Adrenalin OD was one of those bands I always wished I knew more about


Going to eat some totally normal human food

I think I simultaneously smashed a mosquito against the screen of my mobile device and dropped it, I was getting ready to be really mad but everything looks ok

I don't need to remind you that instagram (and facebook) is horrible but I took some pretty good cat pictures back in the day

self promo (book release), asemic text 

I have a new book out on Aleator Press! it's a collection of asemic prose poems in a small handmade letterpress edition. the book was generated with code from a nanogenmo project of mine from a few years ago (source available here:

james did such lovely work with the book design and printing. it was rewarding to work with him and I'm so glad this is finally out in the world!

food, non-veg adjacent 

I have said at least once before but the Oregon State seafood mailing list is endlessly fascinating

Today: theoretical bioterrorism via Hg in fish feed, itai-itai (ouch-ouch) outbreak in Japan

LB: I was unfamiliar with this band until just this moment but this song shreds

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