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I mean, I wouldn't be upset if you were to boost those cats. I can't take them but how awesome would it be if someone nearby took them and I could come visit every once in a while

To be fair, I want to take cats home with me every single time I go in but these two were more convincing than usual

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Sunspot has big honkin paws and is so fluffy! I wanted to take them both home but I am at catpacity here

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Sunspot and Aurora are now available! They are very sweet and energetic. It would be so great if they went to the same home together

Anyway it looks like it could be a gentle introduction to library science, archivism, and typography/graphic design for the right person. Gotta be in SF though, can't do this job remotely. CC @soft

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It also looks like the deadline has passed, but the posting is still up, so ???

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Just heard about this job at the Letterform Archive in San Francisco, it sounds so cool

I would have jumped at this a couple years ago, even though it only pays about 40k which is tough to live on here

I have started toots with "Surprising no one" only twice? That can't be right

All I care about is that they are names I haven't seen before. I named a couple Orville and Wilbur the other day, not sure where they went

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In other cat news, I named cats Yuffie and Tifa today. Also Aurora and Sunspot

In other other news, I have started toots with "In other news" eleven times so far. I would have thought it would be more honestly

Food again, what a surprise 

In other news, I used to be able to buy 5# bricks of Impossible Burger directly from them on their website, but sometime in the last couple months they silently did away with that. I guess I need to find a retailer that carries them now? Which, ok, fine I guess, but thanks for the warning, dicks


Or maybe I had just told myself we've settled in for the night

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Weird, it's like 1943h but it feels weird to think oh I can just go walk down the street for groceries? Maybe because it's getting dark so early now

I have to say, selfhosting Mastodon is worth it for the db access alone. I never would have been able to find that paracord discussion otherwise. Apologies to anyone with necroposting allergies

The good news is I got extras, so I guess if anyone ever decides they want one of these face masks I will have plenty of them

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