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uhhh you can disregard those last two from kfjc liker, I was testing at a bad time

Something about having an afternoon coffee on my day off is just like extra nice.

Unpinned that therapist thing, I don't have Kaiser coverage any more :(

lb: not my usual cup of tea but something about it is weirdly compelling



The funny part was that I met her through a robotics person, and he was like what a waste of an arm

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Which reminds me, I met the CEO of a robot arm coffee shop company, I was like ok uh so um what is this,

What did I do today?

> Work things
> Sat on ass (mine)
> Ate some stuff

Do you ever listen to KFJC? Would you like to toot your likes? I am thinking about making KFJC Liker into a multiuser thing maybe

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Like Tears in Rain

super sekrit club