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There will be some :titrc: downtime tonight, which I doubt anyone will notice

Cool, a demo of an unreleased Dreamcast Castlevania game Check out that stained glass lookin logo treatment, pretty sweet

Instance admin people, have you ever had to migrate between servers/machines? Did you use a guide or just yolo it? Anything I should watch out for? I am hoping to get :titrc: moved this weekend

Anyway if you really enjoyed something I posted in the last two weeks, let me know? Or something. I can repost or whatever

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I honestly have no idea if that affects anyone else or if I just have a gap here.

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Welp, managed to fill up my filesystem completely, so I restored :titrc: from a two week old snapshot

messing around with some stuff, :titrc: might have some downtime for a few minutes

Oh I guess they're in SoCal and TX and stuff too, SF is just running behind

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Philly/NJ residents! This place is opening in San Francisco soon, people seem really excited about it

What's the deal?

food, fungus 

OK somebody kick me off the computer at 1900h, I need to get to bed early tonight

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Like Tears in Rain

super sekrit club