On tonight at Mascon: Venom, because I like San Francisco, and I like Tom Hardy, and I guess I like romcoms?

@dokuja What kind of compressor do you have? Some guy on YT was saying he needed to retrofit an air dryer on to his

@tek @aurynn @foreverxml @phillipprado @ladydeathadder I mean I guess that's partly why I like the mobile client, a (relatively) consistent experience. That and not having to install or update anything

@aurynn @tek @foreverxml @phillipprado @ladydeathadder No one ever seems to mention the mobile web client, which I use and is free obvs. Works fine aside from randomly rotating my images sometimes

Anyway all that nonsense about not being around much? Lol @ that I guess


Or should I be thinking about soda blasting? I have to admit the idea is appealing

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People with sand/bead/media blasting cabinets, tell me about your setup.

In any case I am finally starting to call anodizing places for quotes, I didn't realize how many questions I had and I don't even know if they are the right ones. Have you ever gotten any aluminum things anodized? What should I be asking?

Incidentally when I said "Help" I wasn't actually asking for advice or anything

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Help, I have an antivax friend and it it honestly totally baffling. She is literally the only one out of all the people I am friendly with or converse with with any regularity, and I have no idea how she got that way. For the record she isn't like some conservative Florida zombie either, she lives in Hawaii for crying out loud

LB: Pretty surprised I hadn't heard that version of the Dr Who theme before

selfie eye contact 

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