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@diabola there are a bunch, depending on whether you want to pay, how much you want to pay, what features you want etc. I don't mind paying for the record but the hassle of moving off of GV has kept me there for as long as it has-- since it was grandcentral

@human_dude @mcmoots I have a feeling you meant to say insulation materials here, but I think I like isolation better

@diabola I hope they kill it off soon tbh, it would motivate me to find an alternative that much faster

Red Thread Games (Dreamfall Chapters/Draugen) is looking for a writer and "Because of the game’s setting and themes, we are primarily looking for candidates based in the United States, preferably candidates who reflect the diversity of our cast. We strongly encourage women of colour to apply for this position. This is a remote position."


@photophoregirl Yeah I mean I don’t think the govt is selling your info to recruiters but who knows? There’s probably any number of other ways to get it

@photophoregirl My bet is that they buy up mailing lists from other similarly scammy outfits. High interest rate loan applicants? Military would love to chat, I’m sure

@hafnia I mean, it's impossible to say. I wonder that myself but I know now I do not have the temperament to be a good type designer

@hafnia Totally, kind of makes me wish I still had a coffee shop

@hafnia I am pretty out of the loop these days, any unicode stuff I know is from a few years ago

@hafnia I did not! But I honestly don't know much about Asian typography

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