Oakland residents! Your landlord is now required by law to offer you a choice of ISPs if you live in a building with four or more units oakland.legistar.com/Legislati

i have never completed any degrees and will probably never be a homeowner but if if people think of me when they hear hagfish facts I will consider my life a success.

OK gotta start the grueling commute to work, hope I don't get rained on on the way there

@mood @twistylittlepassages I am certain I have said fay-cade more times than I have said fasahd in my life

@twistylittlepassages @mood The bologna/baloney thing still gives me fits tbh

And I did eat lasagna growing up! Like not tons but pretty regularly. I think I just thought that and whatever Garfield ate were two different things I guess?

Is Bellerophon pronounced like Bel-Air? It's too funny not to be

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Seriously, I read Garfield for decades and said "lag-sauna" to myself every time

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That toot brought to you by reading things and probably mispronouncing them in my head my whole life

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