So the penguin chicks are now named Pogo and Ozzy, the laziest names that ever lazed

Ozzy's full name is Oswald Cobblepot which is like could you come up with a lazier name than the fucking batman villain? I don't think you could if you tried

@pagrus lazier penguin names than Ogden Poggledonk or whatever:
1. Tux
2. Pokey
3. Mr. Popper


@twistylittlepassages I am pushing for more of a Bark at the Moon Ozzy as opposed to batman Ozzy, we'll see where that goes

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@twistylittlepassages I think we should name one of them Benedict Cumberbatch Attempts To Say Penguin Unsuccessfully

@pagrus it's got a certain ring to it

you could call them Lee for short

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