For the record this is a device that reads temperatures from a distance, and is shaped like a pistol


It's used for a lot of things but I have mainly used then in a food safety context

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Like, I am genuinely interested in what temperature this soup that I am eating is

But most restaurants would think they are getting inspected

@pagrus my mother in law has many kitchen implements she doesn't use and feels silly about it. one time recently I found one of these guns and pointed it out jokingly bc she obviously never used it, and ever since she has made a point to text me periodically when she uses it (mostly measuring the temperature of her soup)

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@pagrus this reminds me of the time I was served a cup of soup at Applebee's and it still had a frozen chunk in the middle. I wish I could say I never went there again, but my friend group at the time was really into it for some reason (it was so bad! there was really nothing good about it at all! they also loved Red Robin so apparently they found the "random junk on the wall" decor theme comforting?)

food, gross 

@twistylittlepassages I mean, as a longtime Denny's and Lyon's patron I get that you can find comfort in not great food served in questionable circumstances with friends

food, gross 

@pagrus I mean, sure, point taken. but fwiw I found the prices, ambiance, service, and sometimes even the quality of food to be better at Denny's and Lyon's than either of the establishments I mentioned.

but I think once we were no longer college students together, my friends wanted to find new haunts, and gravitated toward those for some reason (in a city full of actually great affordable restaurants, many of which I'm glad I was able to discover before gentrification swept them away)

(I'm just full of sunshine today, sorry)

@pagrus I think it's maybe okay to make restaurant stafff nervous about food safety, but not okay to make people think you're carrying the kind of gun that kills people :(

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