OK, if I have offered to send you something in the mail I need an address to send it to. I doesn't have to be your home address! It can be your friend's office, your local post office, or the hollow tree by the old barn on miller road. But I need something.

Consider this an invitation to send that information via DM. DMs for other reasons may or may not be acceptable depending on the situation but in all honesty that hasn't been much of an issue so I'm not too worried about it right now


If you would rather send an address via email, or dead drop, or RFC 2549 I am open to that as well, but you'll probably still want to coordinate those details via DM, so go for it

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This really ought to go without saying but I also promise not to use any addresses for anything but the agreed upon purpose (eg sending you a sticker) and will not distribute it ever to anyone for any reason. Just, you know, for the record

(also please someone ask for a sticker to be hidden in a hollow tree or equivalent, I can get just about anywhere in San Francisco pretty easily)

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