What a day. Forgot my phone on the way out of the house, got to Cal Academy late. Did a shift, then tried to leave and the moto’s battery was totally dead

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A biologist helped me get a running start and I was able to get it started! Cool! Made it about a half mile and then ran out of fucking gas

Walked to a gas station, bought a gas can and gas, filled up the tank. No start

Tried for probably about an hour to bump start it, no dice. I thought I was going to have a heart attack

Walked to a friend’s house to borrow a battery starter jumper thingy, tried it out and the engine turned over but did not catch. Looked at the battery thingy and it’s completely bloated, batteries pushing the case open

@pagrus :oh_no: wow what a saga! hope you're taking it easy after all that

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