OK, paracord has been ordered. I am getting way more than I need so if you would like any please let me know

Items in this shipment

Paracord 550 - Sneaky Pink #57 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Country Girl Camo #176 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Black With Imperial Red X #247 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Cotton Candy #49 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Rose Pink #25 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Black with Reflective Fleck × 1

100 ft.

Paracord 550 - Neon Pink #15 × 1

50 ft.

Paracord 550 - Sugar Rush #339 × 1

50 ft.

Seriously though if you want any of this let me know and I will try to get it to you. It's easiest if you are local to the SF Bay Area but even if you're not we could probably figure something out

So this is kind of amazing and I don't know if it's on purpose or what but I discovered today that 10' of 550 paracord weighs almost exactly 20g, or 2g per foot. Which means you can stick it in an envelope and mail it across the country for the price of a stamp, and have weight left over for a couple stickers

Just want to report back that the two test envelopes of paracord I sent made it to their destination. Ten feet of Country Girl Camo across the country for the price of a stamp!

I am happy to send some to you too! Especially if you are making a USB cable or monkey paw keychain or some other fun crafty thing

Obviously if you are local to San Francisco CA it could be fun to hand it over in person

@pagrus your phrasing made me wonder about handing it over not in person. Paracord dead drops in a fake pepsi can. Making a little parachute out of a sandwich bag and dropping a bundle of paracord off of coit tower to a recipient waiting below. Forming the paracord into a net and using it to catch a drone flying by, then the recipient has to recover the drone to get the paracord.

@pagrus @eqe

Launching a model rocket with a paracord recovery harness which the recipient removes and replaces with kevlar.

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