Up until now I had never really seriously considered switching away from mainline mastodon, but akkoma does have some pretty compelling features and I am becoming more uncomfortable with the implicit endorsement that using masto suggests

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@pagrus ooo I'll have to look into it. I've been looking at Hometown, personally, but I can't seem to find any pricing competitive with

I suppose I could self-host but that seems like work....

@bouncinglime I have to say I like the sound of Hometown a lot but I feel like a lot of the features would be wasted on me.

As an aside I have found that selfhosting isn't really all that much work unless you have users to moderate on behalf of. If it's just you (and bots) it's all just updates and shit

@bouncinglime In full disclosure, I get free hosting from my job, so I'm not paying very much attention to what it would be costing me. I am still using the second-to-cheapest plan and no extra stuff for :titrc: though

@pagrus I can get cheap basic hosting... I just don't want to have to deal with breaking everything when I run an update haha

but! that's good to know so maybe I'll try it on my own

I agree that a single-user instance isn't great for Hometown but it would be getting off main masto. maybe akkoma is the better way to go!

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