anti-algorithm sentiment 

Look, there's nothing inherently wrong about an algorithm managing your timeline, but people get hung up on FB/twitter style fuckery and can't get past the adtech mindset that makes those ones so horrible.

Chronological order is an algorithm, after all, as has been pointed out by other people before.

I'd love to see algorithms here! In the spirit of masto/fedverse you could select one you like, and tune it so that it does what you want

anti-algorithm sentiment 

Want to prioritize long term mufos? Sure, that could be handy especially if you want to give new people a little time to find themselves

How about instances that are new to you? Might be good to give those a little extra scrutiny

Not super interested in sportball? Maybe dial those back a little without muting them outright

Someone you have interacted with a lot posts after being away for a long time? Top of the list

etc etc

anti-algorithm sentiment 

Point being, algorithms should be transparent and adjustable. And serve your needs instead of advertisers. The fact that is is even possible is difficult for people to grasp sometimes


anti-algorithm sentiment 

Not really a subtoot but your earlier offhanded jokey comment made me think of this @siege

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