hey can anyone out there help me find critical/theoretical writing on hardware modding? (especially on video game hardware, but any kind of consumer modification of industrially-manufactured products would work)

I know that (e.g.) Stephanie Boluk and Patrick Lemieux have studied video game modding from a software perspective, but I don't know anyone studying hardware mods in particular.

(doesn't need to be "academic," just looking for stuff beyond tutorials and enthusiast press)

(boosts ok!)


@aparrish Bunnie Huang's "Hacking the Xbox" is old but was fascinating to me. I also have a tiny credit in it.

I'm sure there's more contemporary work but that's the first thing I thought of. It doesn't get into modding per se but it did make a lot of mods possible later

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@aparrish It's also not very critical or theoretical, aside from engineering theory. So probably not exactly what you're looking for

@pagrus no this is fantastic, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

@aparrish Oh also you probably already know about this guy benheck.com/controllers/ but he has written quite a bit about modding controllers for accessibility and I think also just for kicks

I am also reminded about the kerfuffle when Adafruit offered to pay a bounty for Kinect hacks way back in 2012 learn.adafruit.com/hacking-the but I am guessing you already knew about that too

@pagrus I know very little, so this is all helpful!

@aparrish Sweet! I don't really want to doxx myself but I have also written a little but it was all in the early 2000s and I'm not even sure if I know where it is now

@aparrish I also remember Andy Green working on (I think?) one of the first Xbox modchips or hacks warmcat.com/ and while it doesn't look like he does much of that these days I bet he would have some good leads for you

@aparrish I would bet dollars to donuts that like a lot of things from that era the bulk of writing is probably languishing in someone's archive of their PHPBB forum

@aparrish Which might actually be worth trying to chase down, now that I think of it

@aparrish I also think I mixed up the Adafruit thing with this guy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_L but he hacked on the Wii Remote and then I think later was hired by microsoft. I would check to see if his personal site has any writing but it's busted

@aparrish He did in fact get involved with the Adafruit bounty but that came later

@aparrish @pagrus came here to mention Bunnie! The Hactivist documentary is fairly new and a great intro to his work:

Also Tom 7's emulation/reverse engineering work maybe?

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