Me: Why on earth have I had this ABBA song stuck in my head for like the last week

@pagrus I’ve have gimme gimme gimme a man from midnight for the past week so you’re not alone

@pagrus When I see that seltzer, I always hear the Stonewall Jackson song.

@CarlCravens I think the packaging is hokey, which kept me from trying it out until recently when I saw they made a GRAPE FLAVOR

@CarlCravens Oh and I don't know Stonewall Jackson, wasn't he a Civil War General or something

@pagrus 1959

Do not ask me why I _know_ this song. I'm sure I heard it on my dad's radio when I was a kid.

@CarlCravens @pagrus You know if you had asked me I would have sworn that was a Johnny Horton song.

@pagrus @CarlCravens Okay.

Boobly is the one I can't get past the name of. And I didn't intend to type it that way but you know what, I am not correcting it now.

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