I'm pretty sure I am alone in this but I do actually enjoy wiping and reinstalling every so often, it kind of feels like shedding a carapace


And all the shit that I installed and don't need, or the shit I broke somehow in some weird way gets cleansed with fire

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Maybe I have just gotten better at compartmentalizing data and config files over the years

@twistylittlepassages stick everything on a nas? get a job at a cloud services company? I don't know honestly but version control has been really helpful

@twistylittlepassages I haven't gotten any better at organization but all the stuff I need tends to live in gitlab now if it's not binary files

@twistylittlepassages The nas has been great because my mind just thinks of it as storage. I try not to actually store too much stuff on my laptop if I can help it

@twistylittlepassages And in a way it makes me think about stuff I want to try hard to preserve vs stuff that it would be nice to keep but if I lost it it wouldn't be too horrible

@pagrus okay but

what's a nas

and where do you keep your audio library?

@twistylittlepassages Networked Attached Storage - a separate box that just stores stuff

I don't really have an audio library tbh, but I am thinking about how I would build one if I decided to rip all my vinyl. I'm thinking cloud object storage and/or NAS + handwritten postgres tables

@twistylittlepassages I have about a thousand CDs that I'll get around to ripping one of these days too

@twistylittlepassages Right now if I want to listen to something I just go fish it out of the box and put it on

@twistylittlepassages I'm not going to pretend that my listening habits are in any way normal or common, I like a little inconvenience

@pagrus okay well hmm. I respect what you're doing but it seems like we've got really different things going on here

@pagrus I mean we have the liking inconvenience thing in common, though, apparently, because I'm still using Banshee as my audio playback software

@twistylittlepassages I mean I use moc(p) to listen to music mostly, controlled over the network on a RPi connected to an amp, so I am pretty sure I am the weirdo here

@pagrus you may be a weirdo but you're not the only weirdo, weirdo

@twistylittlepassages I also try to stay in the terminal as much as possible, so a lot of the tools and stuff I use are scripts that I can keep in version control, and not stuff I want in my panel/desktop/whatever

@pagrus I did this for a long time with both my phone and my computer. It also forced me to run a local backup of everything I wanted oh a regular basis. And sometimes I would lose something and have to be ok with that.

But now I have an always-on offsite backup so I haven't bothered with that in years. Maybe I should...

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