OK I get that naming cats "Pumpkin" and "Spice" can be like a big FU to haters or whatever but honestly? That's the third Pumpkin we have had at SFACC in like the last two months

So skinny under all that fluff! I hope you can figure out what they like to eat, because we haven't been able to yet

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@pagrus :( maybe all the stress of being somewhere new is keeping them from eating?

@potato I mean, that’s certainly possible but even the most nervous cats eventually sneak out to eat. And these two don’t even seem all that freaked out

@pagrus Of course, you would know better than I do. Sorry. I didn't mean to annoy.

Those poor babies! They're so cute.

@potato They are super cute! And they passed medical so the vet staff thinks they’re ok, just underweight

I would laugh if the answer is 'pumpkin'

@dokuja I mean, my vet did recommend pumpkin for one of my cats a while back, but that was for something specific

orange cat? Neighborhood cat named pumpkin is an orange tabby here

@CarlCravens A cat named PumpkinPie would be an improvement, we haven't had any of those yet

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