In other cat news, I named cats Yuffie and Tifa today. Also Aurora and Sunspot

All I care about is that they are names I haven't seen before. I named a couple Orville and Wilbur the other day, not sure where they went

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@greyor Sunspot was such a sweetheart! And had big ole paws, he is going to be a force of nature. His sister was all go, nonstop. Such great cats

@greyor Hopefully they will make it into circulation soon, and then I can post pictures

@pagrus that sounds lovely. I adore my kitties but I never get to meet new ones!

@greyor There's gotta be an animal shelter near you, I only had to commit to two hours per week here at SFACC

@pagrus ohhh okay I didn't realize that's what you're doing. We have a nice humane society here. I actually applied there before I got my current job. Would be fun to volunteer at one sometime for sure, I just have too much going on workwise at the moment (and I volunteer elsewhere). Always been something I've wanted to do though.

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