So something that I never thought to ask before-- does every city have an annual military dick waving airshow? Or is San Francisco just lucky


People act like it's normal and I'm like yeah, uhhh

@pagrus not every city, but lots of the bigger ones, particularly ones that have any sort of naval presence and/or access in my experience

@pagrus I don't think this is common. In belgium they flew an (or several, idfk) F16s by the canal I lived by and my furniture shook!!! I was terrified and since then my heart skips a beat whenever I hear even just a regular plane fly over. I don't think that type of show was common though, it was a big anniversary of some WWI event or something

@Sissas I'm just glad it doesn't freak my cats out too much, some peoples' animals get really traumatized

@pagrus it was a Thing in Utah, bc Hill Air Force Base, but I think they did it at the base?

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