So something that I never thought to ask before-- does every city have an annual military dick waving airshow? Or is San Francisco just lucky

@pagrus not every city, but lots of the bigger ones, particularly ones that have any sort of naval presence and/or access in my experience

@pagrus I don't think this is common. In belgium they flew an (or several, idfk) F16s by the canal I lived by and my furniture shook!!! I was terrified and since then my heart skips a beat whenever I hear even just a regular plane fly over. I don't think that type of show was common though, it was a big anniversary of some WWI event or something

@Sissas I'm just glad it doesn't freak my cats out too much, some peoples' animals get really traumatized

@pagrus it was a Thing in Utah, bc Hill Air Force Base, but I think they did it at the base?

@pagrus we have one in Toronto, over the lakeshore, at the end-of-summer fair. I live in the adjacent neighbourhood and it is very annoying.

@pagrus We get an annual visit from the Blue Angels, it sucks :blobcatdisapproval:

@pagrus Wichita had regular flyovers at pretty much any event becaue they have an airbase, but IIRC their airshow involved a lot more vintage stuff (because Air Capital of the World). Atlantic City has an air show but I have no idea how military it tends to be (there is an ANG squadron there).

@pagrus Uhhhh no???? Why does SF have an annual military parade??

@diabola That is a very good question, and I don’t have much of an answer aside from it being a thing for as long as I can remember

@pagrus @diabola Because historically we were the main home port for Naval ships sailing from the West Coast. Fleet Week was the week most of the fleet put in for the big leave time of the year, and the navy worked with the city to entertain the temporary population boom of sailors.

It's still that, just less so because SF is much less of a working port these days.

@pagrus we do and Seattle does and I hate it.
Lots of bases around here, that's probably something to do with it.

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