This recall vote is bullshit because I can't vote for anyone good if Gavin does get recalled. I heard I should write in the Attorney General or something? But that is also bullshit because she's the one who is supposed to assume Governorship in the event of a recall anyway

@pagrus League of Pissed Off Voters doesn't have an official recommendation but comes down on the side of Ventresca so that's who I went with. The whole field is a bunch of nutters :yell2:

@bouncinglime yeah it's fucked. I kind of want to write in Gavin so that if he gets recalled he'd be replaced by himself

@pagrus I wish it would work that way. And that everyone who voted no without a replacement is also counted as a vote for him

because it was unclear that you could do that so I know a number of folks who just put "no" and left it at that :/

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