@pagrus if you see a need and you have the ability, well

you know what you gotta do

@pagrus look, I hold your capabilities in high esteem, you hold mine in high esteem, and no one's the wiser

@hafnia weirdly I inserted a "bud" after your "look" just now and took me right into the Spider-Man theme

@pagrus I was thinking more long con kinda sitch, but if I'm JJJ, fine

@hafnia I mean I get what you were saying but it just had a soundtrack is all

@pagrus I mean, that's fine, I'm just telling you who I am

you can be Mary Jane if you want

@hafnia Id rather be Hot Aunt May but I mean really I'm more of a Doc Ock kind of knucklehead

@pagrus LBR all of us want to be Doc Ock but secretly we're all some rando at the newspaper who resents Peter Parker

@pagrus I mean YEAH but your boss has a Spiderman fetish and you're never gonna get promoted because some rando freelancer keeps bringing in pictures of the big guy himself

@hafnia He's on staff though! I just want to talk photo gear with him

@pagrus ha, dang, for some reason in my brain he's firmly in the "freelancer, never makes it to staff" category, but tbf I haven't really, uh, done anything with Spiderman in literally two decades, so

@hafnia I mean probably in several incarnations he's a freelancer but JJJ's tag line is "you're fired", so

@hafnia PP needs that job, I think the Daily Planet might have good dental coverage or something

@pagrus he's gotta take care of Aunt May, she can't take care of herself

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