While I am periodically reminding stuff, I would also be super interested in anyone who knows how to anozide aluminum. I am trying to do it myself but it is turning out to be a pain in the ass

@pagrus I don't have any experience with it, but my dad the metallurgist always suggested Caswell Plating kits when it came up. I could swear they used to make their manual available as a free download, but it appears such is no longer the case.

@WeeMadHamish I mean, if you are volunteering to do the anodizing I will spring for the kit

@WeeMadHamish That is helpful though, thank you. I was just hoping not to have to do it myself

@pagrus apologies, I read that as "I wish to develop this capability" instead of "I want this thing done". In that case my suggestion would be finding out where people go to for fancy automotive paint jobs near you and calling them. They're likely to need small batch plating and anodizing on a regular basis for trim and rims, so they can probably refer you to someone who does it.

@WeeMadHamish Thanks! It's probably 70/30 in favor of just trying to find someone else to do it

@pagrus I remember doing it in chemistry in college... But this is also the medium my parents have worked in for 35+ years so honestly I'd recommend you pay a professional to do it. (They work with a family business in Philly to get colors to their spec.)

How much do you need done?

@bouncinglime I don't know, I guess it depends on pricing. Ideally like 20 - 100 six inch lengths of hexagonal aluminum, probably 1/4" diameter

@bouncinglime So not a lot of surface area, all things considered. Think jewelry rather than car parts

@bouncinglime Those mobile earrings are cool, I would catch on things all day long though

link contains images of weapons of war 

link contains images of weapons of war 

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