Played a little Warframe last night, it's not really a lie-in-bed-and-play-on-your-switch type game, really


I liked it though! It's cool. I guess I just need to sit up and use a controller

@pagrus YAaay I’m so happy youre having fun with it! It is absolutely not a lie on your back and chill kind of game tho lol. I’ve had to stuff extra pillows in my makeshift “””gamer chair”””” (it is a plastic lawn chair with a cushion on it) because i adopt just, the worst postures when I get in the zone ​:blob_raccoon_peek:

@pagrus I’m also on PC so I’m not sure how the Switch controls differ, but if you have any questions hit me with em and I’ll do my best to answer!

@photophoregirl Sweet, thank you. I think I just need to spend some time with it, it was a lot to take in after not really playing anything shooty for a long time

@pagrus Yeah I definitely agree with you there. the controls are super sensitive too. Probably more so on PC but I would recommend adjusting your settings since the defaults are SUPER twitchy

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