Would someone please recommend an electronic ink tablet device for reading on?

I have tried reading on traditional light-emitting screens and I find the experience unsatisfactory compared to paper. My ideal solution would be large enough in at least one dimension (portrait or landscape) to view a full page PDF without scaling or horizontal scrolling.

My hope is that someone who already has such a device can speak from personal experience. I find it very hard to trust reviews/review articles.

@ernakh I just got a remarkable so I haven't really fully formed an opinion yet, but I like it so far.

Part of why I sprung for it was how enthusiastic people are, I asked around and people who have them really love them

First impressions are that the screen size is really nice and it feels really well made


@ernakh This may or may not matter to you but I also like that it's basically a (slightly weird) linux machine under the hood. I actually didn't know that before getting mine and it was a pleasant surprise

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