Follow @acesabe Yeah honestly it was then when I decided that listening to black metal might just be too much work.

@pagrus @gid @acesabe The Black Metal scene I would say is an anomaly to the rest of the metal scene though. I say that as a life-long fan of technical death metal, which is quite far from black metal. I can't think of a single sympathetic Black Metal band. I know lots and lots of sympathetic (and liberal) Death Metal bands. My point being: they are not the same, but the article didn't make that, or any, distinction.

@mathias @acesabe I am not interested in discussing this further

@pagrus @gid @acesabe
hah. ok. my mistake, I thought it was published online to allow for discussion. Shall not happen again.

@mathias @acesabe Look I'm not saying you're not allowed to discuss, I'm just not interested in being included

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