In short, yes, I would like to subscribe to antifa metal monthly

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@pagrus that’s a cool article!

Kinda sucks encyclopedia metallum doesn’t allow core bands into it, I listen to a lot of deathcore and Metalcore these days.

FWIW: In general I think it is a lot easier to find liberal/leftist metal bands than it is to find the fascist/alt-right ones. I also left a comment to that effect on the original link above (but it has yet to be moderated).

Traditionally the metal scene has been full of former hippies/stoners that wish love on one another, than there were militant nutcases. Most of the bands I listen to, which are ranging from the very biggest bands out there, to some very obscure ones, all are more liberal than they are fascist for sure.

I'm not saying the problem of alt-right/fascist metal bands doesn't exist, it does. I'm just saying it is probably not the norm, but more likely the anomaly. IMHO.
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