So I don't have a thing in my bio or any pinned toots saying anything about what I would like you to do before following me or anything,

but if you follow me and your profile is blank and you don't have any posts or anything I'm probably just going to block your ass, just fyi

Especially if the only thing I can find is replies about computer stuff

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Wouldn't it be funny if I pinned that, love a self contradiction

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@pagrus okay but like how is it that you don't have a gazillion followers hanging off yr every cat photo

@hafnia beats me? I like that people I know or have interacted with like them, randos can jump in a lake

@pagrus surprised at having made yr list then, seems p exclusive 🤔

@hafnia I mean you made the list pretty early on, but even so you have a bunch of non-computer stuff in your history and like words in your profile/bio

@hafnia I wouldn't say it's a particularly low bar but it is a bar

@pagrus I do absolutely nothing with computers besides swear at how necessary they are for my job so you know

@pagrus oh yeah, for sure


I would think the fact that I never shut up would work against me 🤔

@hafnia I mean I do computer stuff all day long and try not to track any more than I have to on to my tl

@pagrus fair. I was actually thinking about this earlier today, how I'm one of the outliers in that I don't really do anything with computers...I helped build my gaming PC, but that's all pretty plug and play and it's not like I'm gonna sit here and go on and on about how gr8 the specs are (they are not, it was what I could afford that would run my silly games)

@hafnia I mean computers are fun and interesting, I like screwing around with them. But you know, that only gets you so far

@pagrus yeah, it's important to have other things that you are interested in or else you become a FOSS Bro.

I mostly think of you as food pics/coffee/cats and music fwiw.

@pagrus being well-rounded is A Good Thing, Actually, who knew?

@twistylittlepassages I mean one of the nicknames he answers to is "Sticker Fairy", so yes, those too!! @pagrus

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