The dim sum menu tattoo idea is basically my semi serious reply to "when (if ever) is it appropriate for me, a non Chinese-speaking or reading person to get a tattoo of Chinese writing?"

It also would require me to do a bunch of research:

1. Find a tattoo artist who can speak/read Chinese

2. Verify that there is some kind of universal shorthand that is used on dim sum menus

3. If it's not universal is it regional? Does it depend on style? How is it different in San Francisco versus Hong Kong, Vancouver, NYC, Macau? Where am I most likely going to be ordering dim sum?

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@pagrus id hire some people online to find this out for me in your place

@pagrus lmao. not my intention but sure, 1500 usd i’ll interview hire and manage a team to answer all of those questions and more, one week

@pagrus gl, don’t be afraid to post on upwork or other freelance sites if you need to hire

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