For you all you armchair reupholsterers out there

@pagrus mom and I used to do this when I was in high school...

@hafnia I was trying to make a joke about how people call football fans "armchair quarterbacks" or British Baking Show enthusiasts "armchair bakers"

Should have workshopped it some more I guess, maybe armchair armchair upholsterers

@pagrus oh, no, I got that! I appreciated it on two levels, possibly because I'd actually want to watch it!!

@hafnia The image of some dude shouting at the tv because the contestant was using the wrong fabric was just too good

@pagrus my dream in life as a small child was to meet either the crew from This Old House or the Victory Garden, so look, I am the target demographic for this and I would be yelling at the TV, I have no shame

@pagrus (there is a lot of yelling every time I watch anything involving baking, the Great British Bakeoff is less, "aww, this is so sweet, they support each other" and more "haf is yelling at the TV about how you can't proof sweet bread in under an hour")

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