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So I don't have a thing in my bio or any pinned toots saying anything about what I would like you to do before following me or anything,

but if you follow me and your profile is blank and you don't have any posts or anything I'm probably just going to block your ass, just fyi

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Hey, people who have therapists: how do you find them? How do you pay for it? Is it covered under your medical insurance? Is it better to pay out of pocket even if it is covered?

I have no idea where to start honestly. I am in San Francisco CA USA if it makes any difference. I have health coverage with Kaiser through my job

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Resolutions for 2020: fuck youtube, fuck spotify. Buy music from artists directly or from local record stores. Listen to the radio, CDs/LPs from the library

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Video game: You awake, and are a cat on a ghost ship. The human crew is gone or not, maybe you can eat them. Can you sail the ship? You are a really smart cat


what was that voice generator that came up a little while ago?

I don't know if I am ready to return to a non-pandemic world

san pedro drive-in theater, angle from right, blue sky, gaffey street, san pedro, los angeles, california, 1979

OK how about this:

Once every now and again @age_pollbot posts a poll-- are you older or younger than x age

Where x age is chosen from a normal distribution of adults in the world

Publishes stats after the closing of every poll

People can answer, or not

Any tips on making hair less delicious? Asking for a friend

While I am periodically reminding stuff, I would also be super interested in anyone who knows how to anozide aluminum. I am trying to do it myself but it is turning out to be a pain in the ass

Periodic reminder that I would pay good money for a :sadtrombone:

I honestly don't know how far I got into the HoC, I know I never finished it

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