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OK, if I have offered to send you something in the mail I need an address to send it to. I doesn't have to be your home address! It can be your friend's office, your local post office, or the hollow tree by the old barn on miller road. But I need something.

Consider this an invitation to send that information via DM. DMs for other reasons may or may not be acceptable depending on the situation but in all honesty that hasn't been much of an issue so I'm not too worried about it right now

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anti-algorithm sentiment 

Look, there's nothing inherently wrong about an algorithm managing your timeline, but people get hung up on FB/twitter style fuckery and can't get past the adtech mindset that makes those ones so horrible.

Chronological order is an algorithm, after all, as has been pointed out by other people before.

I'd love to see algorithms here! In the spirit of masto/fedverse you could select one you like, and tune it so that it does what you want

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Resolutions for 2020: fuck youtube, fuck spotify. Buy music from artists directly or from local record stores. Listen to the radio, CDs/LPs from the library

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Video game: You awake, and are a cat on a ghost ship. The human crew is gone or not, maybe you can eat them. Can you sail the ship? You are a really smart cat

Hey stop threatening your remote workers with yearly retreats and in-person staff events

That is a really fucking vile way to give the able-bodied preference when hiring for remote work

website: we would like to verify you are not a robot
me: no u

Maybe I am thinking about this all wrong, how can I make it more digestible for cats

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I have long hair, how can I make it less delicious for cats

well shit I guess I have to leave the house now don't I

I am actually a little surprised I don’t see more Kristin Hersh love here

If everyone uses all the time to talk about weird shit then facebook will have to to another

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